Pierogi Fest Toodle 2014

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Began at Indiana Visitors Center in Highland and then over to Cabela’s to use underpass before heading into Hammond and then over to Whiting via Wolf Lake Trail.

It was a very nice trip along the Erie-Lackwanna Trail extension that heads into Hammond. Paved asphalt and very nice overpasses make for easy traveling. There is a bit of a letdown in Hammond as using Hohman to climb over the train tracks in town is clumsy. Will hope that before long they sign the remainder of the trip into Whiting.

Using Sheffield to reach the Wolf Lake Trail was dicey. They were painting the highway overpass and that narrowed the normally four lane roadway down to two. Bikes really had to ‘take the lane‘ to ensure not getting squeezed out.

Traffic along 121st Street in Whiting was OK. Big buses were everywhere bringing in tourists. The trail around Wolf Lake is quite nice.

Pierogi Fest

This is a smaller fest than one might imagine given the hype it gets. But it has delicious food and is not an overwhelming bit of chaos as the Taste of Chicago can be. Really had fun watching the ‘babushkas‘ hamming it up for the visitors. Also really appreciated the free ice cold water at the Whiting Care Center booth.

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Cyclometer Information

Distance: 28.7 miles
Time: 3h 43m 19s
Speed: 7.7 mph