GBSR2014 moves into Poland

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Great Baltic Sea Ride 2014 (Poster)

Great Baltic Sea Ride 2014 (Poster)

GBSR 2014, the Great Baltic Sea Ride, will happen over three weeks in July, 2014. Eight countries, rich history, a diverse cultural heritage, and beautiful landscapes make this tour a unique experience to all participants. Our shared practice of riding human powered vehicles year round will be a show case of sustainable mobility. We will share our experience with people all around the Baltic Sea.

The tour will explore Europe’s North between 53° and 61° latitude over more than 3.000 km of fine riding. We will enjoy the summer daylight, the tranquility and wide spaces of Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Masurian Lake District, Northern Poland and Northern Germany. Capital cities as well as remote villages, deep forests and open farmland will be our sights; somewhere to our right there will always be the waters of the Baltic Sea, sometimes very close, sometimes further away beyond the horizon. Our velomobiles will make this trip a fun adventure. Fast, comfortable, taking all our luggage, velomobiles are the perfect touring machines and a strong symbol of sustainable personal mobility.

Council of Baltic Sea States

CBSS has accepted patronage over the tour and pledged to support its mission, emphasizing the tour’s pilot nature for Baltic identity, and its innovative and enviironmentally friendly way of urban mobility.



18 Riders from Germany, The Netherlands, and Denmark are participating in GBSR 2014. They will share impressions, pictures and video online. We’re happy to meet with cyclists along our route or during the after-ride cooldown at camp. You’re welcome to bring some beer, local brews preferred. If you want to see us on the roads, see the schedule for each day and download the .gpx files for that day’s route.To follow the ride from your couch, look for Twitter-feeds at #gbsr2014, or go to the tour-album on Facebook. More reporting from the road will be on the German discussion board

Otherwise, all information on the tour is here.  To view the list of riders see the Riders page, to see the time table, daily destinations and possible places to see the tour, go to the pages Schedule and Ride Along for more information.

All participants should look at the daily descriptions of the tour for updates on events and locations.

Josef Janning Tour Captain Contact

The official tour poster displayed above was created by C Michael Lewis

GBSR2014 moves into Poland from twilwel on Vimeo. GBSR2014 The Night Ride from twilwel on Vimeo. GBSR2014, high speed velomobiles. from twilwel on Vimeo. GBSR2014 goes to Gdansk from twilwel on Vimeo. GBSR2014 Maribo to Copenhagen. Rolling hills. from twilwel on Vimeo. Joerg entfesselt. GBSR2014 from twilwel on Vimeo. Chasing the companions. GBSR2014 from twilwel on Vimeo. GBSR2014. Gathering for the tour around Copenhagen at the campsite. from twilwel on Vimeo. Maribo to Copenhagen #gbsr2014 from twilwel on Vimeo. GBSR2014 Lubeck from twilwel on Vimeo. GBSR2014 Maribo to Copenhagen Short stop. from twilwel on Vimeo. Herbie Rides Again on GBSR 2014 from twilwel on Vimeo. Herbie Rides on. GBSR 2014 from twilwel on Vimeo. GBSR2014, trouble on the road. from twilwel on Vimeo. GBSR2014, Kees from twilwel on Vimeo. Espoo to Helsinki with the whole bunch from twilwel on Vimeo.