Wishing Harm On ‘Urban Cyclists’ Is An Inefficient Use Of Your Time

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Reply by Chitown_Mike 1 hour ago
To the jackwagon in the huge straight frame, CDL needing truck. USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL!

I now have a charley horse the size of Rhode Island in my calf from my pedal digging in after I fell trying to avoid being crushed.

Oh, and you have a CDL you should know better than to be on your phone!

Reply by Chris LaFrombois (8.5 mi – o.w.) 1 hour ago
And it is only 2-3 minutes! My bike computer stops the timer when I’m at a stop (which is actually annoying), but I ran my RunKeeper app this morning and it was literally a 2 minute difference.
Chitown_Mike: Scary!

Reply by Simon Phearson 56 minutes ago
I had a similar experience with a tour bus this morning. That’s the scariest thing I feel like I ever encounter on the streets.

Reply by Michael A 44 minutes ago
I do not understand why any rider would put himself in that situation in the first place… passing a large vehicle on the right, especially entering an intersection is the quickest way to find out out how a bug feel right before it hits a windshield

Reply by Simon Phearson 25 minutes ago
Well, whenever I encounter it, I’m in my own lane, either a sharrowed right lane or a bike lane. I ride alongside large vehicles because they’re slow, I’m going faster than they are, and it should be safer to pass them on the right than on the left – as long as they don’t do anything they’re not supposed to do.

If it’s a close call that I can see, I’ll brake and hang back, for sure. But sometimes you’re about five feet from clearance and then they decide they don’t know how to stay in their lane…


See what I mean! The ChainLink is remarkably well-stocked with those who are in ignorance of the best ways of avoiding injury. Either that or simply too lazy to slow down or even stop. Either way any journalist who is thinking about saying unkind things about Urban Cyclists in the same way that they do about motorists and pedestrians should never bother putting this into print. These folks will ‘finish themselves off‘ without any outside help.

So once again for those who are either hard of hearing or just blind or perhaps just stupid, here we go again:

SF Bicycle Coalition Right Turn Methods

SF Bicycle Coalition Right Turn Methods

And if you did not know, clicking on the illustration enlarges it! Hey, maybe you guys can try clicking on your noggins. Just be sure to remove the helmet before trying this, otherwise you might ruin a perfectly good piece of styrofoam.

SF Bicycle Coalition Right Turn Diagram

SF Bicycle Coalition Right Turn Diagram