Old Plank Road Trail Toodle – Frankfort to Western Terminus and Back

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Arrived at parking lot in Frankfort, IL to a nearly ‘full house‘. Hundreds of folks were coming and going through Beidert Green in the center of town. A Country and Western group was entertaining and the Farmers Market was in ‘full swing‘. We met another couple of recumbent riders Audrey and her brother Carl were riding their respective (trike and Bacchetta Bela). He was quite enthusiastic about his purchase (two weeks ago) of the Bella and really felt that it made him a stronger rider.

Audrey was a reluctant cyclist whose balance issues made her the perfect candidate for his ‘oldrecumbent trike. Like his Bella it was tricked out with all the latest gadgets and bags. We said our goodbyes and they were returning home towards the east. We took off for towards Joliet. Signs were up directing all cyclists to ‘walk their bikes‘. But once outside of Beidert Green you could ride off in either direction.

All along the trail bicycles, skateboards and joggers were in evidence. In fact we noticed after the ride (heading home) that the folks from IDOT had give the Lincoln Highway a treatment similar to that given Butterfield in our area. It is eminently ridable and something that has been needed for a very long time. Hurrah!

What ceases to amaze me is that all of this sort of thing gets done in the suburbs and not one World Naked Bike Ride instance has occurred. And of course no one out here rides around on a Friday Night ‘acting like a fool‘ during a Critical Mass Ride. And make no mistake the trails and paths (i.e. bikeways) are full! It’s just that we have learned how to get things done without revealing our crotches or mammary glands. Imagine that!

Return Trip

At the turnaround point we stopped and refilled water bottles and used the bathroom and then took a few images of the graffiti along the trail. Over the years it has faded and become even more interesting. By the time we reached New Lenox the number of riders was increasing and we picked up an older couple who paced us for a few miles before turning off.

Back in Frankfort’s Beidert Green the Farmers Market was closed down and things were returning to normal in anticipation of an evening concert. A few folks were just arriving and the beer garden on the north west corner of the Green was full. We loaded up our bikes and headed over to Chipotle to refuel on vegan fare before making one last stop at the local Panera Bread for iced coffees and pecans rolls.

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Trailside Graffiti (Panorma #1)

Trailside Graffiti (Panorma #1)

Trailside Graffiti (Panorma #2)

Trailside Graffiti (Panorma #2)

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Distance: 23.4 miles
Time: 3h 01m 05s
Speed: 7.7 MPH