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We decided to take a ride in search of the Salt Creek Trail underpass to the South. The trail is in pretty good shape despite all the rain. There is an ominous sign as you enter the underpass (no doubt for legal reasons). But the York Woods trail is gorgeous at the moment. If you exit the woods to the south and head along York Road to Butterfield there are several neat places to eat including Protein Bar, Chipotle and Roti. We dined at Roti and then made our way to the other side of Butterfield Road to take that trail over to the McDonalds in Oakbrook. You can then ride the inner circumference road to the point where the old Barnes and Noble store used to be. We crossed Route 83 at the light and then made our way back to the IPP and home.

Sections of this ride were on bike ways that are maintained by DuPage County and Cook County. If you do this ride you use bikeways that run alongside very heavily traveled roadways like Butterfield Road (as it travels through Oakbrook) and over roadways like the Reagan Expressway or under Roosevelt Road. The nice thing about these kinds of bikeways is that they are MUPs. Lots of cyclists rode past us in Lycra in racing bikes. Some were on touring bikes in dress more like what I wear (from Cabelas guide wear). But in addition there were lots of folks walking dogs, pushing wheelchairs, running/jogging and there were bathrooms available all along the way. In some places there are even park benches which are excellent places to do bike repairs. And who needs to be asked if they prefer routes with water fountains? These are literally everywhere.

This sort of bikeway route is more like what you will find in Bike Heaven. Nice separated bike lanes which pass through neighborhoods and wooded areas. It beats the heck out of anything and I mean anything in Chicago with the exception of the Chicago Lakefront Trail. Skip the Dearborn PBLs and come try out some really wonderful riding.

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Distance: 25.1 miles
Time: 3h 37m 04s
Speed: 6.9 MPH