Are Boaters Smarter Than Bicyclists?

Background Reading



It would appear that as a group Boaters are a good deal smarter and more realistic about the dangers of operation their craft while ‘under the influence‘. As with cyclists they have a BUI problem. It is especially evident around holidays.

Bicycling reporters need to get a great deal smarter and more intolerant of the behavior as practiced by their peers. But when you have a population with as many drug problems as are present among Urban Cyclists what does it matter when you add in alcohol, right?


As with motorists and boaters we too have families. We too have to be rescued when there is a crash. We too have to learn to operate our bikes with the same sort of attention to detail as would a boater or a driver.

So that means:

  • Wearing a helmet!
  • Operating our bike without being under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Having a front light that is bright enough to see by
  • Having rear flashers that are bright enough to be seen in the dark
  • Knowing that we have working brakes and steering
  • We signal our intentions when turning
  • We obey all stop signs and traffic lights
  • We do nothitch riders on moving vehicles
  • We do not ride on the wrong side of the double yellow line
  • We refrain from weaving in and out of traffic and especially riding between the front and rear bumpers of stalled vehicles

In short we stop acting like idiots and more like the representatives of a Cycling Movement that suburban cyclists want to support… And while we are at it let’s get some cycling reporters who are more than ‘suck-ups‘ to their peers in the Urban Cycling Movement. There is a great deal that has to be done to keep Cycling Safe. Making excuses for our propensity to BUI or to ignore the Rules of the Road and commonsense things like wearing helmets. In short we do not need co-dependents in StreetsBlog positions or running organizations likes Active Transportation Alliance. We need folks who are willing not just to tell us about all the wonderful stuff we are getting but also the responsibilities attached to their use. We have too much of the former and never enough of the latter.