The Next Time An ‘Urban Cyclist’ Says…

Urban Cyclists Lobby for:

  • 3 Foot Rule because they feel threatened by vehicles that pass too close
  • Safe places to ride so that like pedestrians (in crosswalks) they do not have to be worried about faster vehicles mowing them down
  • Their own lane so that they can enjoy safety and not have to ‘mix it up with cars
  • Rules to prevent cyclists from ‘salmoning
  • They want motorists to observe all traffic laws
  • They want to use GoPro cameras to record the ‘near misses‘ that they claim occur daily as they ride in front of autos that nearly run them down from behind
  • They need to be able to ‘pass on the right‘ to feel safer when the light changes
  • They need protected bike lanes in order to ‘behave themselves
  • They wonder why so few females join them in commuting

Now take a look at this very recent video (Mar 19, 2014) to see how their actions equate to their demands:

They must think that the average citizen is stupid to believe them…