Chicago Lakefront Trail Toodle – 21 Jun 2014

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Rather than ride the Whalon Lake Loop today we compromised and instead rode the Chicago Lakefront Trail from the Buckingham Fountain area south to 57th street. The weather today was overcast but quite pleasant. There were hundreds of bicyclists out and about on Divvy, private rentals and personal bikes ride all over the south portion of the Chicago Lakefront Trail. You could see every kind of rider from those in Spandex/Lycra™ to cutoffs, swimming trucks, bathing suits and jogging clothing. The bikes were everything from sleek racing bikes made of plastic and carbon fiber to good on ‘steel is real‘ beaters and everything in between.

Many of the riders were young males but a goodly number of females were out riding with friends or alone. As we passed the Shedd Aquarium we turned off to scout out the Northerly Island area to see how the renovation is coming along. Inside the pavilion a rock band was rehearsing for a performance tonight. The guards (dressed in red t-shirts) were keeping folks away from the openings in the fence. But already fans were lining up on the sidewalk waiting to get in.

The Northerly Island area is taking shape. You can see more images of it elsewhere on this site. It is going to be a very nice transition that goes beyond what was already there. We went in primarily to check on the “Ladies“. All three were ‘standing proud‘ near the pavilion. I too a few images and then we headed south to the 31st Street Harbor area.

As we approached drums could be heard along the side of the trail adjacent to Lake Shore Drive. It turns out that a group of American Indian Dancers were practicing their performance in full headdress and clothing. It was really fantastic. All of the onlookers were essentially ‘passersby‘ who like us had been drawn in to the spectacle of it all. It makes you understand how important these traditions are to the people whose heritage they represent.

Afterwards we rolled to the top of the hill to see the ‘sails‘ and then back down to capture images of the ‘trees‘. By this time I was getting hungry so we ‘flipped a coin‘ and decided to eat at the Hyde Park Native Foods Cafe rather than the newly opened one on Clinton. We will visit it another time. We enjoyed a couple of new salad items with a really wonderful dressing! I would have it again, but would love to see them bring back the Chimmi Chop Salad too.

Amazonian Jungle Toss Romaine, kale, hearts of palm, green papaya salad, jerk seared Native Tempeh, cashews and shaved coconut…mango-lime vinaigrette.

Kathy Schubert, Suzy Schanauzer and Hizzoner Mayor Rahm Emmanuel

Kathy Schubert, Suzy Schanauzer and Hizzoner Mayor Rahm Emmanuel

Then it was back through Harper Court to head over to the underpass at 57th Street to return to the Chicago Lakefront Trail. Lots of colorful characters seen on the way back. One included a really tough looking guy with a trailer in which two small dogs were proudly sitting, enjoying having their owner give them the ground tour.

It made me think about our friend Kathy Schubert who is back on her bike and leading the 7 Urban Farms Tour today with her dog, Suzy Schnauzer. Glad to have you back leading the charge for Urban Cycling here in Chicago!

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Distance: 21.7 miles
Time: 2:51:00 time
Speed: 7.6 avg