The World’s First Electric Bicycle With A Frame Made Entirely Out Of Wood

By Dorothy Tan, 15 May 2014

Source: DesignTaxi

All-Wood Electric Bicycle

All-Wood Electric Bicycle

There is a warmth to organic materials such as wood that is simply not present in plastic or metal—and if lifestyle products like furniture can be made of wood, there is no reason why bicycles cannot be. 

Based in The Netherlands, Bough Bikes makes beautiful bicycles whose frames, forks, handlebars and fenders are made entirely of sustainable French Oak. At the NYCxDesign 2014, which will be held from 9-20 May, the company unveiled “the world’s first electric wooden bike”. 

The team at PSFK took this innovative vehicle for a spin and reported that “it is surprisingly easy to control” and that “the effort required to cruise along is minimal” after the electric motor kicks in—the Bough wooden electric bike reaches a top speed of 15mph with a range of 30 miles. 

Riders may also choose the level of pedal assist that they would like to get from the bicycle—at “high”, they would be able to move at the same speed as traffic. It would take three to six hours to fully charge the bike. 

Find out more about this unconventional bicycle here or on the Bough Bikes website—would you like to commute to work on one of these? 

[via PSFK, images by Dave Pinter]