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Breakfast was at Egg Harbor Cafe. My favorite menu item was not available so I had to chose another item. After breakfast we went on a meandering toddle of the Northside Park area. Evidently they had a ‘fun run‘ today as there were barricades up all over the north side of town. It was in conjunction with something going on at Northside Park (owing to the signage in the park).

We headed south to Seven Gables Park where we circled a bit before heading over to the Danada West area. As we were approaching we met a fellow (and his wife) who was trying out a new upright bicycle with handlebars like those on our Easy Racers Tour Easy bikes. His wife exclaimed that ours was what he was attempting to get in terms of comfort.

Inside the Town Square area my cyclometer decided to ‘stop working‘. Owing to what I guess must have been the harshness of this past winter we have had three of our bikes whose CR2032 batteries simply stopped working. So we purchased another 3-pack and installed one in my cyclometer before heading over to Panera Bread for luncheon.

There a couple of ladies were interested in our bikes. One had evidently done a test ride on a bike like ours at The Bike Rack in St. Charles. What she noticed immediately was the difficulty she had in ‘climbing‘. Not surprising. Recumbents are comfortable but require stronger hamstrings than are traditionally built up in upright riders. That bicycle configuration develops the quadriceps muscles.

After soup and sandwiches we headed home and then went on a short drive to the Blackwell F.P. to watch the archers ‘do their thing‘. It is interesting how many different kinds of targets are used as well as bows and arrows. Today we watched crossbow shooter use his feet to draw his string. Very powerful weapon.

A few cyclists also came over and sat in the gallery section to watch the goings on.

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Distance: 13.9 miles
Time: 2h 02m 36s
Speed: 6.7 MPH