Looking Down Our Noses At Reporters

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Much of the grousing on the ChainLink Forum is about the peccadillos of reporters. Here is one by one of an example:

Bad Accident Involving Cyclist in Glenview This Morning
Posted by Andy J (9.2 miles) on June 6, 2014 at 9:36am

Reply by Bill Nedza 13 hours ago
Almost a comment on the lack of respect for cycling and cyclists when “…where she collided with the man peddling west.” is part of the story — if a reported doesn’t know the difference between “pedaling” and “peddling”….ah, never mind, I know words don’t really matter, cyclist safety does, but…yeesh

Reply by Anne Alt 21 minutes ago
I see that error all too often in print. *sigh*

Glad to hear the news about Glenview’s bike plan. Thanks, Mike.

Reply by Lisa Curcio 4.1 mi 15 minutes ago
Most likely more a reflection on the current state of journalist education and/or laziness. Either too lazy to actually proofread and relying on spell-check or/and no idea how to spell.

Now, Mike, I know you can spell so I guess spell-check got in the way: “there overall bike plan” 🙂

So then I see this bit in another thread:

Recumbent commuters?
Posted by kiltedcelt on June 7, 2014 at 7:36pm

Reply by Lisa Curcio 4.1 mi yesterday
In the summer I take Dearborn all the way north to the park. You can get on the LFP at North or go through the park near the lagoon and get on at Fullerton. And, on topic, Gene did switch from the trike to a recumbent this year. I am sure he will show up here at some point.

Well, either the current state of urban cyclist education is the fault and/or laziness, but a recumbent trike and a two-wheeled recumbent are both considered recumbents.

Admittedly this is something that only a recumbent rider/owner might be expected to understand but there it is. Now perhaps the real problem is that neither the reporters who report of the cyclists who grouse are without blame. We could probably use a conference where both groups got together and aired their ignorance. But so long as Urban Cyclists keep living in their Forum Bubble that is unlikely to occur.