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The Correct Response To Advice From ChainLinkers

Reply by Crazy David 84 Furlongs 1 hour ago
I have had the opportunity to ride in and around the Berteau Greenway.    It got hit by the winter quite hard with many of the pavement markings destroyed by the winter.   I rode the one counterflow block from Lincoln to Damen and it was quite quite bad.   The markings of the alternate lane were gone and the cars were charging right up the block and, due to pot holes, were driving over in the counterflow bike lane.   The rest of the “greenway” also doesn’t work as all the greenway has done is pissed off the car drivers and forced Cars and Bicycles to interact at the intersections. This half-assed Greenway isn’t a fair test of Greenways and it is going to be cited by opponents of future Greenways that they don’t work in Chicago.   And that’s too bad.  This was the right place for a proper Greenway.   But we didn’t advocate for it the right way (no doubt because we no longer have an effective advocacy group with the death of the CBF and the creation of the ATA and its change in mission).

Reply by Jeff Schneider 1 hour ago
Drivers still use Berteau as a through street, since it lacks any real calming features. What I see is that they pay no attention to many of the stop signs, especially ignoring the two very close together at Wolcott. The net effect is that the conditions for cycling are more or less unchanged from what they were before.

The little island at Clark looks better now; the big reflective signs have not yet been run over this season. It’s still an unpleasant place to ride past, with drivers following close and fast without room to pass…

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Advocacy Has Nothing To Do With This And Other Failures

Chicago's Cycling Movement Issues A Leftist Manifesto

Chicago’s Cycling Movement Issues A Leftist Manifesto

Sorry folks, but as Mikael Colville-Andersen has pointed out the fault with our designs is our overall ignorance. And in fact that ignorance is surpassed only by our arrogance. We allowed ourselves to get into a ‘pissing contest‘ with NYC over both BikeShare and PBLs. They won the lane design war and lost in terms of BikeShare solvency.

This is a classic case of hubris on the part of the Urban Cycling Community. But as usual the ‘grey beards‘ are going to walk around saying I told you so and pointing the finger at someone, anyone else other than themselves. Obviously visiting a city like Copenhagen or Amsterdam does not insure insight. We were far too focused on the number of miles of PBLs rather than the quality of them. We have only ourselves to blame.

As for the Active Transportation Alliance how on earth could we point the finger at them? We have created this monster by allowing it to hold sway over just about everything that goes on in the city’s bicycle life. And now you want to complain about its focus. That is downright, silly. It is as perfect a reflect of the ‘grey beards‘ in this city and its thinking is theirs.

Go lick your wounds somewhere else. It is unseemly in this setting.

Suburbs Are Doing A Far Better Job Without All The Hoopla

In specific DuPage County is now in possession of man miles of cycle track that are useful and separated. Their design (along with the efforts of IDOT) have won me over in a very big way. And to think all of this was done and continues to be created without a single inch of Critical Mass Ride activity!

This is where the real irony comes, it is mostly Republican Territory. How on Earth was that possible?

In the long run if you focus less on the histrionics and more on the design and understand what you are really after (quality versus miles) you can get somewhere.

But hey, you folks in the city who are the ‘know it alls‘ of all things cycling can keep having a circular firing squad practice. We hayseeds in the suburbs will have all the wonderful cycle tracks and brew pubs as well.

Karma is a bitch! We will think of you often when you are ducking flying bullets.