Happy: YouTube


Here’s some more good stuff for the Urban Cycling Movement where:

  • you can never celebrate each 4th Friday without slapping the hood of somebody’s car and shouting ‘Happy Friday
  • you hate oil so much it drives you to Nakedness
  • your joy over a $500K boondoggle is tempered by the fact that the ‘high priest of all things cycling‘ hates bi-directional lanes
  • you have absolutely how many miles of PBLs are required to make you feel safe
  • you have absolutely no idea of how to design lanes that are safe enough to let you sleep at night
  • you are distraught because that Greenway they just built is useless
  • people keep telling you to wear brightly colored clothing and you prefer all black at night
  • you cannot seem to find a light that nobody can steal despite the fact that you hate even using them
  • you are never happy when you hear car horns
  • people who are passing you always seem to be only inches from your butt
  • Lakefront Lance types whiz past you without announcing themselves
  • Pedestrians have the nerve to use crosswalks that require you to either slow down or stop to let them pass
  • People in wheelchairs keep eyeing the bike lane enviously
  • cops and cabs keep stopping in the bike lane
  • you get angry when someone tells you not to lock your bike to private property
  • nobody appreciates the sacrifices you have made in riding your bike 5 miles to work each morning
  • that cycling advocacy ‘photo op‘ which was going to bring you well-deserved fame was postponed until next week
  • there really is no one to blame for the screw-ups in bicycle infrastructure design except yourself or people you respect
  • Republicans in the suburbs have better cycle tracks than do Democrats in the city
  • The tattoo artist that was doing that wonderful ‘frown‘ you were expecting put it on ‘upside down
  • It seems a bit hypocritical to work as a bartender and complain about motorists who drive drunk
  • You can’t find your favorite pair of nose rings and ear pin or is it the other way ’round?