Watch: Cars vs. Cyclist – Who is at Fault?

MAY 27, 2014


A cyclist has put up this video of all of his close calls with motorists. The video ends with an accident between the cyclist and a motorists. The accident occurred at a roundabout, but the cyclist claims it is not his fault because the bike lane is continuous.

Here is the cyclist take: “All footage was captured North of Perth WA between August and December 2013. The driver of the car that hit me was issued an infringement for careless driving, He said the sun was in his eyes. I was a bit bruised but managed to ride my bike to work. I later went to hospital with a suspected broken scaphoid, my hand was sore for weeks. It was a hire car from Mindarie Car Hire. The owner of the hire car company paid for the repairs to my bike.”



SF Bicycle Coalition Right Turn Diagram

SF Bicycle Coalition Right Turn Diagram

My first reaction is that the cyclists is perhaps unaware that a dotted line alongside the bicycle lane indicates that cars are allowed to merge. In fact despite his yells he does the correct thing when the truck moves across the bike lane legally by passing in on the right. Here in the U.S. this is equivalent to passing on the left a vehicle making a right turn in the bike lane. And again when this occurs there is a dotted line allowing motor vehicles to cross or merge into the bike line.

The final frames which show the collision leave me thinking that this rider is traveling faster than is warranted. He is struck while the driver is legally crossing the bike lane (again the sides are dotted) but the cyclist fails to yield the right-of-way. It is interesting to note that the collision is the obverse of a Right Hook. It is in fact more like a Door Zone Collision. In a Right Hook the cyclist is moving forward through an intersection and gets clobbered by a driver turning right who presumably does not see the cyclists and vice-versa.

But in this situation the contested area is in front of the cyclist who has a clear view of the turning vehicle. Yet he does not slow down nor appear to want to yield. I would score him as moving too fast for conditions.