Barrington Hills “Response” to Crash and Cycling Issues

February 5, 2009

Source: North Suburban Complete Streets

RE: Village of Barrington Hills Bicycle Ordinances

During the spring and summer months, large numbers of bicyclists ride throughout the Village of Barrington Hills. A 2008 Barrington Hills Police Department survey indicated that bicyclists were a major concern for members of the community. Large groups of bicyclists frequently occupy entire lanes on roadways and impede the normal flow of traffic. Complaints of bicyclists disobeying stop signs and other rules of the road were also raised in the survey. The Barrington Hills Police Department responds to a number of bicycle related complaints during the spring and summer.

In response to these issues and in the interest of public safety for all bicyclists and motorists, the Village of Barrington Hills recently adopted two new ordinancesthat pertain to bicycles and their safe operation on roadways. The first is the mandate of single file bicycle riding. This ordinance states that persons riding bicycles upon a Village maintained roadway are prohibited from riding side by side and shall only ride single file.The second ordinance is negligent operation of bicycles which states that it shall be unlawful for any person to operate a bicycle upon any public roadway (Village/County/ State) in a manner which is negligent or creates a risk of bodily injury or damage to or loss of property.

These new ordinances aim to ensure that both bicyclists and motor vehicles can share the roadway in a safe and responsible manner. The Barrington Hills Police Department will be enforcing these ordinances especially during the spring and summer months as the weather gets warmer. Any requests for additional information on these ordinances may be directed to Officer Sabas Parada at (847) 551-3006 or


The important thing to note here is that it is indeed ‘illegal‘ within the Village of Barrington Hills to ride in anything other than ‘single file‘. Assuming that Home Rule pertains in this situation the cops were in the right and the cyclists have to know the law before they complain.

At some time in the past bicyclists created enough negative public relations that the village took action to deny them road access as pace lines.

It is a bit ironic as an African-American to watch as ‘elites‘ fight amongst themselves over the kinds of laws that in the past would have been created to keep Blacks from venturing into town.

Karma is a bitch!