Who Needs the ‘Idaho Stop Law’ When You Have This?

Source and Video: Hammacher-Schlemmer

The First Flying Bicycle.
This is the world’s first bicycle that doubles as a flying ultralight para-trike aircraft. When the para-wing is deployed from an integrated backpack to provide lift, a powerful two-stroke gasoline engine powers the craft’s three-bladed carbon fiber propeller for an airspeed of 25 mph. Designed to cruise at low altitudes (below 4,000′) with a range of approximately 75 miles from a full tank, it can operate from any suitable area of open space. On the ground, it operates like a conventional bicycle—at only 4′ wide, it can ride in traffic when the para-wing is not deployed (check local ordinances). The bicycle and the frame that supports the engine and propeller assembly roll on 20″ wheels and rubber tires. It also folds down to fit in the trunk of a car. High-grade aluminum construction. 8 1/2′ L x 4′ W x 5′ H. (75 lbs.)

Item 12187
Price $45,000


The application of 21st Century technology to commuting will become increasing difficult for the “Simpletons” to absorb. These folks are not just traditionalists but are actually in favor of “turning back the hands of time” on the off chance that doing so will make the world a more people-friendly place.

Sorry to disappoint but we have been a species which at every turn has managed to crush others in foreign lands because we either wanted their land or their resources or both. We have managed to enslave one another for thousands of years and show no signs of letting up in that arena. Limiting the presence of automobiles will not solve many problems when vehicles of lighter weight but high enough practical speeds become available and are cheap enough to enjoy ubiquity.

And as always when enough vehicles of any sort are allowed to concentrate in a given area the problem of “parking” rears its ugly head. Suddenly “Simpletons” who have been free to park their bikes anywhere they pleased will be fighting for space with far bulkier and heavier electric-assist and even gasoline-powered commuting bicycles on a daily basis. Many of these “bicycles” will be using the same on sidewalk parking stands as their less modern counterparts and that will make “simpletons” very unhappy.

Now imagine an influx of bakfiets and tons of other larger HPVs (i.e. velomobiles) and the “Simpletons” will flee the central cities they have coveted as if their hair was on fire. All those car-free zones will have become “polluted” with new sounds from technologically enhanced bicycles. Yikes!