Ride to JC’s Mexican Restaurant in Bartlett, IL for Luncheon

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You can find a cue sheet for part of the ride we did today here. This cue sheet presumes that we started the ride from the Villa Park Historical Museum along the IPP.

This is a very nice ride for anyone who would rather use trails and paths than streets. I was quite surprised when I did a pre-drive of the route last week that it was as complete as it really is. By that I mean that you move from trail to trail with few gaps. You are almost never on a street unless you want to be.

The other route that this reminds me of is the one that runs between Whalon Lake and downtown Naperville. Both are pretty much 20 plus miles or more and each crosses streets at places which make it easy for families to use them even when younger children are present.

Both routes have plenty of washrooms for those in need of them and the scenery is pretty good in both instances.

JC’s Mexican Restaurant is very nice. We ordered from the vegetarian portion of the menu and ate outside. A couple of folks sat near us and we chatted about their purchase of a Mother’s Day present. By the time we were ready to leave it was beginning to get dark. A very good ride and something that DuPage County Forest Preserve District can be proud of in terms of building their own version of a bicycle super highway. Especially nice was the underpass at North Avenue!

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Cyclometer Information

Distance: 31.4 miles
Time: 4h 25m 23s
Speed: 7.0 mph


Sitting on the veranda outside of JC’s Mexican Restaurant we were serenaded by wind chimes.