Saturday Breakfast and Toddle

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Following a ride to Egg Harbor Cafe and breakfast al fresco, we took off along the Elgin Spur of the Illinois Prairie Path (IPP). The trail is in reasonable condition for this time of year. We crossed at Geneva Road onto the trail leading into Kline Creek Farm. There are baby lambs just now and they and their parents are doing well.

If you go remember that your pets are not allowed beyond the main gate and that includes bicycles.

I waited with the bikes while Connie walked up the trail to see the lambs. Then it was off to the Great Western Trail with the hope of crossing the newly minted bridge at Grace Street in Lombard. But just before we reached Main Street my double legged kickstand decided to wiggle its way off my frame. So when we reached the bench along Main Street we stopped and I did my best to tighten up the bolt that holds the wretched thing in place.

We lost the kickstand on Connie’s Tour Easy a couple of seasons ago. We were doing the 2012 Ride The Rock invitational ride. But the kickstand fell off and we never noticed it. This time it fell with great drama and so we were able to recover it and head home. The 2012 adventure was luckily one with a good ending as a fellow found the kickstand and returned it to us.


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Cyclometer Information

Distance: 18.4 miles
Time: 2h 4m :09s
Speed: 6.7 avg