Tour of Northbound Leg of Salt Creek Trail

GPS Information


We began the day with breakfast at Egg Harbor Cafe. Then it was off to home to get the bikes ready for the ride. We headed west on the IPP into Villa Park past the old Ovaltine Factory. We rode the trail north beyond North Avenue to almost Lake Street before turning back. I decided to attempt to navigate a route back but instead only managed to stop the route record function so the second half of the ride data was lost. Silly me!

As we headed home the thermometer in Glen Ellyn read 43° F. That helped to explain why my knees were so stiff and my hands cold. I guess neither of us had on enough clothing. It will take some time to get the layering just right as we attempt to avoid overheating and yet avoid hypothermia.

On the way back we passed a group of ChainLink Forum riders. One of them was even wearing their wool jersey. Passed also a few homeless men sleeping rough along the IPP. I wonder how many are veterans? Evidently the suicide rate just now is about 20+ per day! Sad, indeed.

Cyclometer Information

Distance: 21.1 miles
Elapsed Time: 3h 07m 47s
Average Speed: 6.7mph