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I got a very welcome e-mail announcing the results of a week of service by the Elmhurst Bicycle Club in conjunction with other organizations. It read as follows:

Volunteers This Week

Please thank the following members for the time they spent this past week representing the Club.

Elmhurst School District 205 – Churchville Family Fitness Night

  • Lin Myers

Elmhurst College Recycling Extravaganza – partnered with Working Bikes Cooperative

  • Fredericka Laux
  • Laurie Cooley
  • Kelli Morgan
  • Chuck Dean
  • Kim Messina

About 65 bikes were collected along with various other wheels, tires, pedals, etc.  This event continues to be one of the most productive collections for Working Bikes.

The next opportunity to represent the Club and give back to our communities  will be April 26, the clean up day along the Illinois Prairie Path and Great Western Trail.  Please consider donating some time as a way of saying thanks for these great resources.  Contact me if you are interested.

Bob Hoel

Better on a bike than in a box!

In a similar vein I noted that dozens of motorcycles were gathered in Glen Ellyn this morning in what appears to have been another charitable event. I should have stopped and asked what it was about and even taken some photos but I could tell that it may have had something to do with either with assisting veterans in need or perhaps the motorcycle clubs represented were largely composed of veterans who were flying both the POW and Old Glory on their bikes.

Finally another effort is underway (or will be very soon) to conduct a charity bike wash. The ChainLink thread read as follows:

Charity Bike Wash Returns!
Posted by Vilda on April 12, 2014 at 3:43pm

There will be a Bike Wash on May 24 at Mautene Park, 1260 N Milwaukee. If you can volunteer please let me know! As usual we supply the cleaning supplies (ie rags, soap, degreaser, toothbrushes, chain lube.) If you know someone that would like to donate put them in touch.
The first bike wash will benefit Chicago Public Schools!

There will be a 2nd bike wash on June 21st at the Green Music Fest in Wicker Park. We’ll need volunteers not only for the bike wash BUT they also want to power the singer/songwriter stage by BIKE! This is going to be a large undertaking and they have asked for help. They will need a minimum of 48 bikers spread out between noon and 8 pm on the 21st and 22nd. That’s a minimum of 6 bikers per hour for 8 hours. In total there will be 8 bikes hooked up to the stage. So we’ll need many, many volunteers.
The 2nd Bike Wash will benefit the Wicker Park Scholarship program!

If you or anyone you know is interested in volunteering or donating please get in contact!



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Nothing says that “we care” more eloquently than charitable service to community. It does more for those that give than possibly the recipients. It makes us that much more human.

Good on you!