Punkers Are At It Again…


Why I am leaving the chainlink
Posted by Christina Tanner on April 1, 2014 at 7:37am

The Holy Trinity of Cycling

The Holy Trinity of Cycling

I started riding my bike to work again about a year ago and I also really enjoy the social rides. I have been graciously welcomed into the community by so many lovely people and when I was invited to join the chainlink I was excited.

After joining the chainlink, I was shocked to see that this website allows personal attacks, vitriolic accusations, cyberbullying and actual threats. There is even a hate group on this site with the sole purpose of harassing a well attended, peaceful ride. Now, I am still planning on attending the naked ride, but I will be notifying the police about this website before I do.

I am removing myself as a member of the chainlink. What a shame.


Evidently someone arose this morning and after downing a few beers decided to be “clever“. Julie Hochstadter must have decided it was not amusing as I can no longer find evidence of it. With this the “wing nuts” get to work late at night or early morning. If you snooze you lose. Somebody please cut off their liquor supply before anybody gets hurt.