“First World” Problems Are A Bitch, Just Ask Marie Antoinette


Source: BikeyFace

The other day I vented to an acquaintance about an issue that’s frustrated me this winter. However, this led to several more issues for me to be frustrated about.


For a moment I actually felt bad for picking this battle.

But I knew this person. And if she were me, it would go like this.


Yes, and drivers wouldn’t take this sort of response either.

So I made a resolution to speak up more. I don’t deserve to be treated as lesser than other commuters.


This set of cartoons really belongs as a backdrop to the guillotine platform where Marie Antoinette met her demise. What we have here are two “Elites” both well-dressed, no doubt sustained by breakfast this morning and clearly wearing enough clothing to keep them warm. And presumably neither had to sleep under an overpass or in a viaduct on cardboard last night before “coming to work“. Oh, and wait they both have jobs! Right!

This really is a tragedy. Oh, it is not a tragedy because either one of them is wrong while the other is right. Nope. It is a tragedy because neither is smart enough to recognize that few people on the planet could even have this terrible a morning and survive without any broken nails.

In the city where this kerfuffle is taking place, there are thousands of folks (many school-aged children) who will walk to school in that snow and arrive to try and learn with no breakfast in their bellies. And even if the school provides a breakfast that will have been in place of the dinner they did not have, so its a wash.

News Flash!

The world does not owe you “Room Service“! My advice to these two women of the Twenty-First Century is, get a portable shovel. In the meantime the rest of us who really do have lives will try and not lie down on the pavement in front of you out of weariness with your troubles.