Another Satisfied “ChainLink” Customer

Posted by Jimmy Baham on March 7, 2014 at 1:36pm

Source: Chicago ChainLink Forum

Another Satisfied Customer

Another Satisfied Customer


Be sure to read the “defensive” replies to this post on the ChainLink. What is really ironic is that were this a thread about how bad the motorists treat you, his replies would have been nothing but positive. But when you criticize the place directly (and I assume because of the fact that someone posted his picture and others spoke to him as if they knew him) the suddenly have frames cycling in Chicago as all “sweetness and light“.

Kind of reminds me of when I was a kid and had a knock-down drag out battle with a sibling and suddenly someone came along and said something nasty about one of us and we would all jump in and defend one another to the moon. Silly but reflexive.

What is sad about Chicago is its Cycling Community. The locale is OK, but the ChainLink denizens are downright sick.

The Critique Is Humorous

I have heard far worse from the very same folks who are trying to rip this fellow a new anus. Most of what he has to say “rings true“. But Chicago’s Urban Cyclists are very full of themselves and really hate it when you “diss” their environs. They do not mind doing it themselves, but you had better not tell them anything that even comes close to “hitting home“. Poor babies!

I suppose this fellow will find his account killed by sundown. But hey, at least we got a glimpse from someone who has ridden in New York. BTW, hurrah to my brothers-in-blue who hand out those tickets in Gotham City. They should maybe think of having a contest with the boys in San Francisco. That would be sweet!

Piss off enough of these hipsters and you have made my day!