Protected Bike Intersections

Background Reading



There is a blog entry here concerning the relocation of bike lanes towards the center of the roadway that makes this video seem more pertinent to the coming trends.

Moving lanes towards the center helps save valuable maintenance costs and makes the overall riding experience less frantic and dangerous. It is my considered opinion that bike lanes shoved towards the curb (on either side) are a “mistake“. Using planters and curbs really does nothing to either redeem the isolation of the cyclists (which ends abruptly at the intersection as indicated in the video) but it makes it difficult for cyclists and municipalities to enjoy during the winter months.

The expense of the creation of these “segregated” sections of roadway really cannot be justified in an economy where bike lanes themselves are expensive not to mention the added expense of a Protected Bike Lane. And frankly the crappy looking ones we are making here in Chicago (replete with PVC bollards) are downright homely. Maintenance is the ongoing expense that has to be dealt with far beyond the initial photo-ops that ensue when a PBL is inaugurated.

Moving lanes to the center of the roadway and bounding them by double yellow lines has a host of actual benefits. Take a look at the article above to see what these might be. At any rate enjoy the video.