Pointless Fear Mongering Is Just That, Pointless


I call them “Critical Mass Stories“. They are the “stock and trade” of Urban Cyclists who on the one hand are desperately trying to convince anyone who will listen that “cycling is doable,” while spending countless hours trading the “Near Miss Stories” that seem to be a badge of honor among their tribe.

Pedestrians can feel just as physically threatened by us, as any cyclist who dislikes being passed by an auto at distances closer than 3 feet.


Pointless Fear Mongering Is Just That, Pointless

Dangerization of cycling might give us more “street credibility” with one another, but it certainly does not help to explain why we still seem to take pedestrians in the crosswalk for granted. What if they were to begin throwing shoulders into passing cyclists who themselves did not give walkers “3 feet“? Would cyclists complain if pedestrians threw umbrellas into the spokes of their front wheels when they were passing too close for the comfort of said pedestrian? Something to think about when we get the urge to spin yarns about our “Near Misses” the way that anglers talk about the ones that “got away“.