(Updated) Video On Winter Cycling


This is our second in a series of three videos with suggestions and tips on dressing for cold weather cycling while maintaining your own sense of style.

This one covers temperatures in the 30s. The first in the series covers the 40s and can be found here. We’ll release the next one covering the 20’s and below soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Please share with friends!

Thanks for watching and stay warm out there!

— Active Transportation Alliance


First off this video really does beg to have the first of the series included so I will:

Given that Lorena Cupcake has been particularly nasty towards some of her female counterparts where clothing is concerned I will not show great restraint in returning her unkindnesses in a critique of her delivery in these two videos.

The concept of this video is to be applauded. The execution is what bothers me most. Active Transportation Alliance has one of the largest staffs of its type in the country. Maybe it is bloated? But it seems really deficient where its services are most needed and that is in educating and training cyclists who are “coming online” not only as commuters but as recreational and errand riders as well.

The San Francisco Bicycle Alliance is focused on bicycling, and it shows. They produce a nice newsletter and have some rather innovate programs (much as does their New York City counterpart). The Chicago-based Active Transportation Alliance seems far too focused on fund-raising. I get that these organizations need money, but in return their constituents need training and education. Surely we can have both?

As for the video, Lorena and Jason could use a more scripted approach. I appreciate “approachable” styles but her almost “manic” demeanor is frankly annoying. In the second video I almost wanted to see them edit out the awkward seating position she was demonstrating in favor of having her on a shorter stool or seat. And the leggings were not what I would call attractive. But then again this is a woman who belittled a fellow cyclist from the South Side of Chicago unmercifully and needs to be showered with a similar level of disrespect.

The video below is a much better one in terms of style for reaching out to cyclists and their counterparts on the roadway (motorists). I firmly believe that we need to take a much softer approach to our mission to bring awareness of cycling as an alternative to the masses. Manic performers are not the ideal way to accomplish this.

Published on Jan 28, 2014
A short documentary piece featuring three winter bike riders going about their daily commutes in New York City. Cyclists explain not just how they ride in the winter but why.

Get someone else to help you deliver these videos, Jason. I am aware that you are unlikely to do this, but it certainly would help. If not at least go for a more scripted approach to help tone down her rather “frenetic delivery“. BTW, there must be someone on such a large staff who knows how to execute illustrations that can be included either in the video or as a PDF for those who might want to document that can be printed?

Cheers and Stay Warm!