What can Seattle learn from Dutch street design?

Source: BicycleDutch

For many of you it is holiday time and you have other things on your mind. But if you have an hour to spare in the coming days I would like to recommend watching the video below. It is a very interesting presentation by Fred Young, which he gave on 4th February 2013 in Seattle after his trip to the Netherlands in November 2012. The presentation was published on the Seattle Neighborhood Greenways website.

Fred Young at his presentation in Seattle.

Fred Young at his presentation in Seattle.

He looked at Dutch cycling infrastructure from an American perspective and he understands what he saw well. He is also able to tell about it in a very entertaining way. Some of the sites he has visited also featured on my blog so you may recognize things.

One little remark, at 14:10 Fred mentions that the speed in a “Woonerf” (home/living zone) usually is 30km/h (19mph) but that is not correct. Originally the speed limit was “walking pace” which was not an exact number. Under pressure of the European Union it had to become a figure and that was set to 15km/h (9.3mph). That is why sometimes you see a little extra 15 sign.

This is how the event was advertised on the Seatle Neighborhood Greenways Website:

Recently back from a 600-mile bicycle journey through northern Europe, Fred’s goal was to experience some of the best bicycle, pedestrian and public transportation facilities in the world. He rode his bike from urban centers to rural villages, transitioned from bike to public transportation, and navigated by using maps and local wayfinding systems and maps. He took 5,000 photographs along the way, some of which he shared in this interactive evening event.

The slides were also published (in PDF)