Now Here Is A Bike Worthy of a Protected Bike Lane

Uploaded on Oct 7, 2008
Canadian rider Sam Whittingham rides the Varna Diablo III to a world record speed of 82.3 mph (132.5 km/h) at Battle Mountain Nevada in September 2008.

Camera: Earl Cassorla, Chris Keam


© By Alan Weiss

© By Alan Weiss

This bike is actually a StreamLiner. Add a third wheel and you have a Velomobile. The velomobiles are essentially trikes with shells built for easier (i.e. unassisted) entry and exit. They can be designed to be fully enclosed (e.g. Leitra).

These vehicles make cursing at automobile speeds possible. Would love to see the Protected Bike Lanes of Chicago “clogged” with a hundred of these each morning.

Just imagine the level of whining that would result from some actual competition to the milk carton brigade on beater bikes.