Some Citi Bike Commuters Laugh in the Face of Snow

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 – 11:34 AM

Source: Transportation Nation

A Citi Bike docking station covered in wet snow. (Stephen Nessen/WNYC)

A Citi Bike docking station covered in wet snow. (Stephen Nessen/WNYC)

This morning’s wet snow has made the morning commute more of a slog than usual. But that hasn’t stopped some New Yorkers from continuing to commute using the city’s bike share program.

There were 4,185 trips Tuesday morning, according to Citi Bike.

Christopher Totaro, 49, was one of them. He has some advice for fellow bikers navigating the streets in nasty weather: “The tires are slick, so be really aware and watch out for big trucks splashing,” he said.

Totaro is looking on the bright side, while it’s usually hard to find a spot to park his bike in the SoHo location he frequents, he said that the weather ensures that’s not a problem.

New York City’s Department of Transportation says it will relocate Citi Bikes from major streets as soon as heavy snow hits. It may lock down stations temporarily if the weather makes biking unsafe.

The head of the Department of Sanitation John Doherty told reporters Tuesday morning that he doesn’t think the bike docks will be a problem for the city’s snow plows. “Most of them are on a one-way street or on the left hand side of the street. We plow to the right,” he said.

“I don’t see them impeding our operation in anyway,” he added. “Worst case scenario if they were on the side of the street where we’re plowing in a good storm, they’d probably have a lot of snow piled up there.”