Getting’ Bitch-Slapped On The ChainLink

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(RedEye illustration )

(RedEye illustration )

Well all is not lost. Some of the “ladies” at ChainLink have finally found someone who is willing to offer in return as good as they get. And that my friends is welcomed news. It would seem that the likes of Tom Dworzanski and Howard M Kaplan (he goes by ‘h) are taking a bit of a hit. And of course Adam Herstein is receiving some justified complaints about his incessant whining. All of this sudden pushback has left James BlackHeron a bit on edge but then again he deserves some of his own.

My suggestion is to take the time to wade through this heaping pile of manure with rubber gloves on. The first few hundred replies are the usual stuff. Eventually however my new heroes begin to emerge and that seems to upset Howard. What these folks are being accused of is being alternate voicings that have suddenly appeared from nowhere and are making things rough for the “regulars” who have had this place all to themselves for so long that they have begun to think that no one else could possibly think outside their box.

Oops, guess you were wrong. And of course I reserve the right to be unsurprised if one of these folks is actually holding arguments with himself using several voicings. I hope they all admire the work of their newfound adversaries and learn some humility in the process.

Meanwhile I am going to sit on the sidelines and enjoy this. I have my bowl of buttered popcorn and hope to find this as interesting going forward as it has been up until now. We need more sanity on this site. For far too long the inmates have been roaming the halls creating mayhem. It is time for the guards to take charge.