A Cat Fight Breaks Out at the Chicago Cyclists “Whine and Jeez” Club Sleep Over

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Good morning.

Due to the weather, we will temporarily close Divvy at 12:00PM on Thursday, January 2, 2014 to protect the safety of our members and staff. No bikes can be rented after the temporary closure has begun, though any bikes in use at the time can be returned to any Divvy station with an available dock.

If you have any question about whether the system is open or closed, please call to speak with a Member Service Representative at 1-855-55-DIVVY (553-4889). You can also find the latest updates on the Divvy websiteFacebook, and Twitter. Members will also be informed of closure and re-opening via email.

In December, we served nearly 45,000 trips, and we’re looking forward to serving many more this winter.

Thank you again for your support and understanding.



Evidently the Urban Cycling Movement has its “Die Hards” and its “Wussies”. Let’s listen in as the group (hair up in rollers and doing their nails) gets into a spat:

Reply by Adam Herstein (5.5 mi) 10 hours ago
So much for 24/365 service…

Reply by dan brown 10 hours ago
adam please tell us you are being sarcastic here…

Reply by Thunder Snow 9 hours ago
Divvy is fairly certain they’ll be open again by tomorrow. I’m being called in tomorrow night to help shovel snow out of bike stations, which ought to be a monumental job.

Reply by Rich S 9 hours ago
I think I agree with Adam here. They knew what Chicago winters would be like before putting that on their website and marketing.
But this is good to know. I’ve been considering a Divvy membership to use on days like today. If it’s not available on days I’m most likely to use it then the membership isn’t worthwhile for me.
I understand their intent. Part safety and part liability. But anyone that’s going to use a Divvy in this weather is likely an experienced cyclist anyway. Bad weather makes driving more treacherous but you don’t see rental car companies or Zipcar saying they won’t rent you a car.

Reply by Tony Adams 7 mi 9 hours ago
It is also a bit disingenuous to claim that the shutdown is for “member safety” when DIVVY does not seem to care if people ride without helmets or on streets with abysmal bike infrastructure.

Reply by S 9 hours ago
I think the issue is partly liability but probably also due to problems getting people out there to rebalance docks and to keep the dock area clear of snow. The liability stuff I can see given the recent lawsuit against lakeshore bikes over a tandem rental where the renters were injured in a car accident.

Reply by Diego Rael- 16.0mi 9 hours ago
Well it also states further down on this page that they will shut down during severe weather conditions, but you are right about the helmet factor.

Reply by Diego Rael- 16.0mi 9 hours ago
And they should take down the 24/7/365 claim.

Reply by Eli 9 hours ago
I haven’t really been out of the Andersonville/Uptown/Edgewater/Rogers Park area the last few days so maybe it’s worse elsewhere, but the streets really do not seem terribly bad to me, even on my bike, which is much less snow-worthy than a Divvy. In fact, they streets are better today than they’ve been the last two days, as it seems like the plows and salt have finally caught up with the rate of snowfall. So while I can understand shutting down Divvy in the face of a severe blizzard or a “Snowpocalypse”-type storm, it seems odd to do it in current conditions.
I understand that rebalancing is probably much harder in this weather, but I’d rather take a chance on a station being empty due to rebalancing delays than be certain that the station will be shut down.

Reply by Adam Herstein (5.5 mi) 9 hours ago
No. Divvy advertises themselves as being available all day, all year, and currently this is not the case. I was planning on taking Divvy home (took the ‘L’ this morning), but now I am not able to do so. I believe that Divvy is useful for these exact situations, where the weather is bad in the morning, but by afternoon the snow subsides and the streets have gotten better plowed/salted.

Reply by Tom Dworzanski 8 hours ago
I am so disappointed in Divvy. If they want to shut down rebalancing that’s fine but to totally shut down the system when people rely on the system for something as basic as transportation is pathetic. And apparently they have some sort of grand authority to judge when people may and may not ride bicycles. I guess everyone’s mother works at Divvy now.

Reply by Adam Herstein (5.5 mi) 8 hours ago
Agreed. The Divvy shutdown is a minor inconvenience, but it sets a bad precedent. I was under the impression that the service would be available at all times – now there is apparently a threshold for service. What other conditions could shut down the system? Could Divvy close because of rain or a political protest?

Reply by Duppie 8 hours ago
So you take the L home. No problem.
Sometimes your self-absorbed sense of entitlement is utterly laughable.

Reply by Adam Herstein (5.5 mi) 8 hours ago
I will direct you to my previous post. I am not upset because of self-entitlement.

Reply by Apie (10.6) 8 hours ago
Classic entitled cyclist comments. Its dangerous out there, good choice Divvy. Take public transportation for a day, ya bunch of whiners.

Reply by Michael B 8 hours ago
With you here. I love the comment about not buying the membership because of today. Highways get closed rail service shuts down planes are delayed and cancelled because of weather. Divvy is no different.

Reply by ad 7 hours ago
Divvy made it clear months ago that they had they reserved the right to suspend service temporarily “in very extreme weather.” http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2013-10-29/news/chi-city-hall-di…
How is this a surprise to anyone here now??
While a predicted lake effect snow storm that could dump up to a foot of snow (on top of the 6 inches we already have received in the past 24 hours) and up to 25 mph winds may not be “extreme” to some, it’s not like they shut down for a predicted light dusting. In fact, though we’ve already had more than a few snow storms, this is the first time they’ve shut down–suggesting they’ll only do so if its predicted to be serious.
I, for one, intend to cut them some slack.

Reply by Rich S 7 hours ago
Other than the LSD fiasco a few winters ago when’s the last time an area highway was closed? I can’t recall CTA or Metra ever suspending rail service due to weather.
My comment was based on my needs. I really would only use Divvy on days like today so it would be more economical for me to just buy a 24 hour pass whenever I need one.

Reply by Adam Herstein (5.5 mi) 7 hours ago
Can you imagine the shit-storm that would result if IDOT closed the tollways for the evening commute?

Reply by El Dorado 7 hours ago
I had a feeling Divvy was going to let people down. Like someone else said, Divvy knew what kind of winters Chicago gets. Will they close in the spring because of “too much rain”? I still say these bikes are going to look like garbage after this winter. They have full fenders on the bikes and are fine to ride with snow.

Reply by Apie (10.6) 7 hours ago
I can’t imagine someone comparing closed highways to a closed bike-share program.

Reply by in it to win it 8.0 mi 7 hours ago
First World Problem

Reply by Tony Adams 7 mi 7 hours ago
uh does that somehow disqualify it as eligible for discussion on the Chainlink? Approximately 100% of the topics of discussion here could be categorized as First World Problems.

Reply by Kevin C 7 hours ago
But you do know that this will interfere with Adam’s ability to ride a Divvy a “half mile to the ‘L,” including “walk[ing] the bike for half a block?” No one should have to put up with that kind of aggravation!

Reply by in it to win it 8.0 mi 7 hours ago
Don’t think I attempted to disqualify anything.
Lots of the topics aren’t dealing with problems, so 100% may be a little high.

Reply by Tony Adams 7 mi 7 hours ago
You don’t need to imagine it Apie. Its already been done! The comparison is helpful I think. The difference it points out is that bike infrastructure is still considered of vastly lesser importance than the infrastructure for motor vehicles.

Reply by Eli 7 hours ago
Are you referring to the actual Divvy shutdown or the hypothetical highway shutdown? The latter seems much more solidly in the “first world problem” category to me. Poor drivers, unable to zip along on their ruinously expensive grade-separated controlled-access multi-lane high-speed expressway, they might have to stop at a light! The humanity! How will they go on?

Tired Of This Drivel?

Ah, Yes! Charlize Theron gets it right!

Ah, Yes! Charlize Theron gets it right!

Can you really imagine that after this sort of “whine fest” this pathetic crowd would ever complain about someone disrespecting the Urban Cycling Community? After all while this sort of things is going on hundreds of thousands of American workers are out-of-work and looking for jobs. People around the globe are starving and their children are dying from malnutrition and disease. And yet these lard asses are involved in a discussion about a BikeShare shutdown that will last less than 24 hours? Gimme a break…

If you really need to follow this crap further have at it here