The NuVinci Shifting Experience: NO GEARS!? [Video]

by Pete

Source: Electric Bike Report

The NuVinci N360 Hub on Electric Bike

The NuVinci N360 Hub on Electric Bike

??Imagine you are riding your electric bike along and you hit a hill. Instead of shifting the gears on your bike you simple twist the grip shifter a little (like a volume dial on your stereo) to make climbing that hill a little easier and find that perfect gear ratio.  That is what theNuVinci drivetrain system is all about and more!

In this video I interviewed Chris from NuVinci about their “Continuously Variable” drivetrain to get an idea of what the advantages are over typical “geared” drivetrains and why the NuVinci is a good fit for e-bikes. Even the dogs (in the background) were excited about the NuVinci system on this e-bike :)

And now for the video!