Remembering ‘The Truth’ And Not Just Our Version of Reality

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A thread has surfaced with the usual odd characteristics that are associated with stories that demonstrate the plight of motorists who are ticketed versus cyclists (often for the same offense). Today’s thread was about motorists being ticketed by speed cameras in Chicago. Following the usual sorts of comments from cyclists that motorists should not be given pity or even forgiven the offense of running red lights (something that cyclists routinely do) one writers wrote:

If there was a way that red light camera could catch cyclists this whole thread would read WAY different.

I would agree with these sentiments. But another responded with:

And if careless and reckless drivers didn’t kill people, this whole thread would read WAY different. as well.

The subtext here is that silly notion that “cars kill, bicycles don’t“. But as usual the first writer had to respond as follows:

I am not arguing , I am just pointing out that if cyclists were fined for running red lights by an automated system they would be pissed off even more then drivers.

In places where the speeding cams are set up, offenses have dropped by 2/3, not a fluke, people tend to obey the law more when they KNOW they will be fined, instead of just when they are caught.

BTW, you are not above the law just because you are not killing someone.

A Lack of Humility Is the Biggest Offense of the Cycling Movement

Chicago ChainLink Forum Is Broken!

Chicago ChainLink Forum Is Broken!

If there were not such a “do as I say and not as I do” mentality within the Cycling Movement it would be far easier to get behind their outrage at motorists. But that is not the case. They whine incessantly whenever someone points out that they run red lights. Their primary reason for wanting to avoid registration and licensing is presumably because they would then be susceptible to speed and red light cameras due to the presence of identifying tags on their vehicles as well.

But the very worst offense is that they still do not recognize or seem to remember that “bicycles do kill“. Until that lesson is learned they will forever remind me of junior high school students who have a very under-developed sense of personal responsibility.