The ‘Little Bike People’ Indeed…

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32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack © John Greenfield

32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack
© John Greenfield

I guess that having John Greenfield and his ilk pronounce you “no longer a Progressive” is like hearing your doctor tell you that the brain tumor discovered a few months ago during a routine scan has shrunk to the point that it can no longer be seen. Scott Waguespack has committed the unpardonable sin of thinking for himself.

John Greenfield writes:

Waguespack’s recent statements once again miss the big picture. BRT is not about saving eight minutes per trip. It’s about giving people the freedom to get around without driving, improving access to jobs, and helping Chicago grow without adding more traffic and congestion to the streets.

Madopal writes in the comments sections for this blog entry:

The narrow-mindedness of the council is shocking at times. Although you see the same assumption at IDOT. “People are going to drive, that traffic has to go somewhere.” They just don’t seem to understand that people will switch modes of transportation when it makes sense.

What do all of these knuckleheads have in common, they are the keepers of the flame where Liberal orthodoxy is concerned. They seem to hate the term Liberal (which is why I use it) and have decided to fly under the radar as Progressives. That terms is a bit self-serving and they really do not deserve to be given a promotion in rank. They are Liberals and that is what I will call them.

Like Sarah Palin they have the misguided notion that their ideas constitute what others who call themselves Progressives must believe. Like Ann Coulter theory form a committee of nitwits who are really all about forcing change on a society. Now that is of course nothing new, change comes about when a strong man or woman has the power to ram it down your throat while telling you how very good it tastes and is good for you.

But frankly anybody under the age of 60 who has never seen what bus traffic patterns were like in the 1950s will think to themselves that BRT is something new and improved. It is not. We had this back then and decided it was not to our liking. It was just about this time when high rise tenements for the poor and highways were built by these same Progressives who were convinced that tall buildings would eradicate the visual blight of poverty and that would make Chicago a place of sweetness and light. Balderdash!

Why not simply come out and support your Leftist Manifesto in all its glory? Shout this from the rooftops and own it:

Chicago's Cycling Movement Issues A Leftist Manifesto

Chicago’s Cycling Movement Issues A Leftist Manifesto

The thing that surprises me about the Soviet Union was its willingness to tell you exactly what it was up to. Progressives/Liberals today are for the most part squeamish about owning up to their real agenda. And there is a particular brand of “Progressive” that in addition to no longer wanting to be called a “Liberal” is hell bent on keeping this manifesto and its author at arms length. Sorry guys. You will not get a chance to walk around the poop your dog dropped on the sidewalk and look surprised when someone else steps in it.

The days of talking as if you were God are over.