Let’s Get One Thing Straight…


Photo by Shutterstock.

Photo by Shutterstock.

You had your chance to debate with me my views when I was a member of the Chicago Urban Cyclists “Whine and Jeez” Club Forum. You decided to kick me off. Fair enough. So why then are you folks sending me emails complaining that you cannot log onto my site and rebut the comments I make here? Somehow there is a disconnect between what you say and what you do.

Find someone else to blather to. The “elites” of this world are certainly an entitled bunch. You want everything your way and frankly that isn’t happening anytime soon. When your response to views that you do not like are to ban the person who made them, why then would you complain about not having a chance to log onto my site and continue your whining.

And do you really, really think that I would care to be Facebook Friends with you? Fat chance!