Video: Dear Motorist…


Roadway Accident

Roadway Accident

Just a tip to the Chicago Urban Cyclists “Whine and Jeez” Club Forum, make one of these for use in Chicago. Rather than spending yet another Friday night whining about this or that, why not turn all of that energy into something useful?

Liberals are by nature exactly like their Conservative counterparts, whiners. Have you ever noticed how people like Ann Coulter cannot stand the fact that there are folks who have not taken a strong stand on a particular subject and simply go about their lives without strong opinions? Well, the answer to Ann is that most folks could care less about the quasi-religious aspects of so-called Movements.

What people will respond to are ideas that have merit. You demonstrate that they have merit by means of media, written and oral presentations. So rather than arguing and berating motorists and pedestrians who “get in your way” turn all that energy into something positive. You have a couple of folks who routinely manage to find that on/off button on their digital cameras long enough to capture the really stupid stuff you do on any given Chicago Critical Mass Ride.

So rather than memorializing your law breaking, why not spend some time educating yourselves and your fellow road companions (drivers and pedestrians) via videos that really are worth watching?

Take a breather from discussing the best ways to demolish automobiles and do harm to their drivers and reach out and touch the minds of those whose actions are the most important to you.