Actually You May Have It Wrong!

The press has it wrong.

Dear supporter,

Ron Burke, Executive Director, Active Transportation Alliance

Ron Burke, Executive Director, Active Transportation Alliance

Recently, at an emotional street naming ceremony for fallen cyclist Bobby Cann, I wondered: How can the media complain so much about people on bikes and so little about the drunk driver and excessive speeds on Clybourn Avenue that took Bobby?

Unfortunately, the media is “pedaling” a bike backlash. Bikes vs. cars finger pointing stirs controversy and sells papers, and some in the press even question whether cars should have to share the road with bikes. 

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People who bike dangerously deserve criticism and should be held accountable, as should reckless motorists.

But the press has it wrong. It’s not about bikes vs. cars. It’s about safe streets vs. dangerous streets. 

Safe streets dramatically reduce stress, crashes and injuries with designs that result in safer travel, calmer speeds and less rule breaking by everyone.

Unfortunately, safe streets are far too rare, which is why in Chicago alone 60 people each day are injured or killed in car crashes – 47 in cars and 13 on foot or bike.

Now there’s something we should all be angry about!

Active Trans is fighting for you. By taking action against bike registration fees,responding to anti-bike editorials and pushing governments to create safe streets, we are working toward better biking in Chicagoland.

Thanks for your help,

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Ron Burke
Executive Director
Active Transportation Alliance

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Perhaps the real “problem” is that the Urban Cycling Movement’s Manifesto is not quite understood. If you want to find fault with anyone ask yourself why this missive that crosses your desk as well as that of thousands of other cyclists here in Chicago received nary a whimper from you? If this isn’t about cars versus bikes then this bookend to the writings of John Kass (and others) tells a very different story. Come clean with the public and let us know that you do not welcome this sentiment. But again your mention of “Little People” above indicates that you are indeed of like mind with the writer of this article.

Chicago's Cycling Movement Issues A Leftist Manifesto

Chicago’s Cycling Movement Issues A Leftist Manifesto

Before anyone gives another red cent you need to make clear where you stand. Stop hiding behind your disagrees with John Kass and take your own to task for writing something that clearly is at odds with what you write in your letter.