Why The Disconnect Between Texting and Driving and Running Stop Lights On a Bicycle?

Background Reading

When a cyclist questions the judgment of other cyclists who are not outraged by people texting while sitting at an intersection waiting for a light:

Texting While Cycling - christopherdwheeler.com

Texting While Cycling – christopherdwheeler.com

Why do you think this is ok? It is not.

Whenever I see someone texting at a stoplight, I assume that they’re going to be oblivious to everything around them until the light changes and then hurry to step on the gas without taking the time to see what’s happening around them, and I’m usually right. Going out of my way to ensure I’m not near their path has saved me multiple of times.

Intersections are complex – cars, pedestrians, and bikes may turning or going straight. That’s why most crashes occur in them. Unless you have some superhuman ability to assess complex situations in a split second, keep your phone away. If you are so important that you cannot wait long enough to pull over then hire yourself a chauffeur.

I have to ask myself where was this outrage the last time someone told you that they deliberately ran a stop light or ignored a stop sign while on their bikes? I do not wish to get into the business of trying to rank which of these actions is “worst” but am curious as to why they are all not considered bad form.

Evidently cyclists are a bit more tolerant of other cyclists behaviors than they are of motorists. Of course it makes no difference what kind of vehicle you are piloting if you either kill someone with yours or are killed because someone else was not paying attention.