Wheel & Sprocket Visit 29-November-2013


Planet Bike Correspondence

Planet Bike Correspondence

Just a note to let you know that when I wrote and asked Planet Bike if they could help me get my 1-Watt Blaze headlight repaired, they said sure. Send it to us and I did. I got this message back with a working headlight earlier than expected. Hurrah!

Visited with Jeff Hudzinski at Wheel and Sprocket. The recumbent group is busy getting bikes ready for winter storage by their owners and are selling a goodly number of trikes into the bargain.

We also talked about the recent demise of our mutual friend Harry Wozniak. Kind of sad to see a good recumbent buddy leave this earthly bike trail, but then again he is probably riding into some magnificent sunsets at the end of his daily century on the other side. Hope he is being accompanied by his lovely wife Diane, who preceded him in death.

As we were leaving Dan Milnick came out and started up his hybrid trike. Jim (one of the recumbent crew) is the fabricator of this trike/motor combination. The Honda motor was originally on the trike of Jim’s later father. It is now helping to power this winter rider for Dan.

Very cool!

Visiting-With-Jeff-Hudzinski from Beezodog's Place on Vimeo.