Women’s Riding Coat — Hub and Bespoke


If you ride year round in places like Seattle or even Chicago you need a good coat. Why not consider purchasing one that is Made in the USA and designed specifically for riding an upright bicycle?

It’s that time of year when you could be treating yourself to something quite nice without guilt. Check out the coat below. You can learn more about it here.

Women’s Riding Coat – Hub and Bespoke

  • $300.00

Designed for your whole day.

  • From the bike commute to lunch out with colleagues, to a glass of wine with friends before heading home.

Designed for Seattle.

  • For the wet weather and short days of our winters, and for our hilly journeys to work.
Women's Riding Coat - Hub and Bespoke

Women’s Riding Coat – Hub and Bespoke

Bike-friendly design elements:

  • Drizzle-proof Let it rain, but not too hard or we’re taking the bus!
    • Fully lined and assembled from waterproof nylon Taslon. Note: This coat is intended for commuter rides up to an hour or so. Seams are not taped so will keep out the rain but probably not a monsoon.
    • Thigh-length and double breasted to keep your lap dry.
    • Collar turns up to meet helmet and prevent rain from hitting your neck.
  • Built for comfort and movement
    • Armholes shaped to allow for the cyclist’s up-and-forward arm position without binding at the shoulder.
    • Skirt is pleated for unrestricted leg movement.
    • Inner drawstring adjusts for flattering fit or extra layering.
  • Temperature controlHere in Seattle, almost everyone’s commute involves at least one good, heart-pumping hill climb followed by a cool ride down the other side.
    • Zippered chest vents pull air over the shoulder to the back yoke vent.
    • Collar and lapel pop up and fasten to keep you warm on extra chilly days.
    • Sleeves feature built-in handwarmers with thumbhole.
  • Eye-catching visibilityReflective features that are pretty, and hide away when you don’t need them.
    • Sleeve cuffs turn down to reveal reflective material, ideal for hand signaling.
    • Collar turns up to reveal reflective neckband.
    • Back pleats casually obscure the reflective strips in the skirt while stationary, then flare open when catching air during your ride.

Care Instructions: Spot clean as necessary. Machine wash warm, hang to dry.

We’re proud that the Women’s Riding Coat is made where we live, in Seattle, Washington.