First Visit to Mariano’s Fresh Market



Floral arrangement in center of dining area at Mariano’s Fresh Market.

Nasty weather made our first visit memorable. The place was packed with lots of others wanting to shop and see what the fuss was all about. Wind whipping through the parking lot was blowing rain against the face. The flags surrounding the lot were standing out from their poles stiffly.

Inside the patrons in the dining area were enjoying sushi and pizza. We sat near the window and ate our vegetarian luncheon while we sipped ginger ale. Afterwards we braved the wind and rain on the way back to the car. I managed to leave my cap on the chair and Connie was kind enough to retrieve it while I went to get the car.

When Spring rolls around with summer to follow this (along with the Whole Foods store) will make a convenient place to grab a bite while out on the bikes.