Cycling – a real eye-opener.

Published on Aug 14, 2012

Be Careful Out There!

Be Careful Out There!

Following last month’s pedal-rage incident thought I’d adopt one of cycling’s own safety ideas and use a helmet cam to document what’s going on in the streets. Didn’t take much time at all to collect this footage, in fact I edited out a lot of trivial stuff just to keep the length reasonable.

While filming, one woman was knocked down on a crossing, and I narrowly escaped being hit at speed, at least twice. And, I was specifically looking-out for dangerous cyclists!!! As far as possible I edited-out shots of legal cyclists, though with hindsight it might have been better to leave them in to gauge the legal/illegal ratio.

Part of the problem is the desperately poor state of cycling facilities, but then that is never an excuse for crime. In some clips you can see illegal cycling taking place alongside a perfectly good, wide, empty, cycle lane.

Cycling groups are pressuring for the right to ride on pavements, and for automatic liability for motorists. Seems to me that before they can ask any such things they have a major public-image cleanup job to do.

Amusing bits: Dog walking at 5:20 and the one who hurriedly leaves the pavement on seeing two press photographers up ahead, at 5:49. Most dangerous? Probably the vicious swerve across a family group with a very small child.