A Fun Tricycle That Doubles As A Seven-Story-High Restaurant

By Thia Shi Min, 14 Nov 2013 Source: DesignTaxi

Fun Tricycle Doubles as a 7-Story High Restaurant

Fun Tricycle Doubles as a 7-Story High Restaurant

Swiss architectural firm Bureau A has converted a tricycle into a seven-story restaurant as well as a performance and exhibition space in Hanoi, Vietnam. Called ‘Ta đi Ôtô’, this installation was made for Tadioto, a local bar and cultural center. The steel frame, which was owned by a steel worker, was adapted to fit the bottom part of the tricycle, and the space has been fitted with a small PVC roof, a battery-operated fan and some lights. The design of this pop-up restaurant is also flexible, and can be adjusted to accommodate people. Watch this cool tricycle in action below.

Images of Restaurant


Second Image in Series


Third Image in Series


Fourth Image in Series

Images in the series about the tricycle restaurant.

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