This bamboo scooter runs on air

By Holly Richmond
13 Nov 2013 9:48 AM

Source: The Grist

Not only is this scooter made of steam-pressed bamboo instead of plastic, but in place of a gas tank, it has A TANK OF AIR:

Air-powered Bamboo Scooter

Air-powered Bamboo Scooter

The EcoMoto was an Australian industrial design student’s third-year design project “aimed at developing a concept motorbike built around a compressed air powered engine.” As Darby Bicheno explains in his deep Australian accent, the air-powered engine is quiet and capable, perfect for short city trips. As long as the air compressor you use to fill the tank is powered by renewable energy, it’s pretty dang green.

As if that weren’t cool enough, Bicheno’s bitchin’ bike uses LED lights instead of incandescent ones, as well as quick-growing bamboo. His goal was an exposed yet elegant scooter; from the looks of the prototype, he totally succeeded:

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, only 1 in 4 Australians who drive to work or school is also carrying a passenger — meaning a small, eco-friendly alternative to a car (like the EcoMoto) could suit them well. Now all Bicheno needs to do next is make a motorcycle powered by farts.


As expected the technology creators have come up with something that could be the gateway to what we really need, a means of replacing the bicycle with something suitable for year-round travel at distances greater than are practical on a bicycle in cold weather. Will wait to see if the stick-in-the-mud cycling types can find the courage to admit that this is a better idea. They have already made stabs at denying that E-Bikes (electric assist) are of any real value. But some of them have begun to take a look.

It really makes me happy that something like this has come along because there is no reason on Earth that these should not be licensed and registered and have to follow the same rules as automobiles and other gasoline-powered vehicles. The future lies in putting everyone on the same plane.