Danada Farms and Herrick Lake Tour


Danada Farms Fall Foliage Colors

Danada Farms Fall Foliage Colors

On a bright and sunny Sunday morning we rode from home to Herrick Lake. At this time of year the color is starting to fade a bit but there are still some brilliant reds and yellows available.

The blue sky made the foliage fairly leap out of the landscape views. At Herrick Lake there were dozens of hikers out with their dogs and alone just taking in a remarkable afternoon.

By the time we reached Danada Farms it was getting late. My GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition camera was running out of battery charge and had to be shut down. Connie went in search of Ike and Ada Rose (draft horses) to no avail. In fact we ran again into a muddy trail.

We turned around and made our way out of Danada Farms by the northeast corner and crossing Butterfield headed home.