Crowd-Sourcing: Does It Work On The Urban Cyclist’s “Whine and Jeez” Club Forum?


One would think that the simpler questions could easily be answered when you have a supposed 10,000 member forum, right?

Here are some questions that took three or more days to reach no firm resolution:

  • Headlight Flashing or Steady????Which is most effective and when (daylight or nighttime)?
  • Hey! Don’t be hatin’ and spreading inaccurate info!Really all about should the victim of a bike theft take partial responsibility when their locking technique leaves something to be desired?
  • Gabe Klein memorial threadActually a discussion about the reasons Klein resigned his office with overtones from at least one individual that he was forced out.
  • Tribune Editorial: Cyclists have to follow the lawDevolved into a slugfest over whether bicyclists have to follow the Rules of the Road (with overtones regarding taxation)

Now the reason that resolution is important is because to some degree that is how society progresses. You air your thoughts and then you decide. But more importantly if you claim to be the place where cyclists of all stripes can congregate and get vital information then be that.

Provide vital information. We do not need another virtual bathroom wall, which is what this particular site has evolved into. The way in which the memory of Klein was treated was particularly loathsome.