Help MassBike Train Police Officers

Written by Boston Biker on Nov 05

Source: Boston Biking

This is amazing, and highly useful, way to go MassBike!

We’re Crowdsourcing The State!

mbBostonHelp us capture the best of Massachusetts biking in video! MassBike is in the midst of producing a new police training video, working with the Boston Police Department and several other police departments. We’ve been busy filming the actual training scenarios, but we could use some help from every corner of Massachusetts to lend a statewide flavor to the production. We want ocean, mountains, historic buildings, and more recognizable Massachusetts places.

What we need:

  • Very short video clips of bicyclists passing iconic places all over MA
  • More short clips of cyclists passing the “Entering …” signs outside Massachusetts cities and towns
  • Shots can be first-person (on-bike) or third-person perspective

Technical specs: We’re using GoPro 1080p, 60fps, medium FOV. Try to keep each clip to no more than 10-15 seconds.

How to get involved: Email and let me know what you plan to shoot. We’ll figure out the best way to get the files to us.

We can’t promise we’ll use everyone’s clips, but if we do we’ll credit you in the training video!


Hurrah for Boston! Using the efforts of the group makes a great deal of sense. I just wish that more of this sort of thing was being done here in Chicago. But alas, there is so much online infighting that there remains precious little time to do something constructive. Would it not be great if not only were there video training for police but motorists as well. And dare I say it how about similar training for adult cyclists who are “learning the ropes” regarding urban cycling!

Hopefully this posting will inspire some of the “do-nothings” here to get off their soap boxes and into the streets to produce something of lasting value.