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Memorial Garden at the South Shore Cultural Center

Memorial Garden at the South Shore Cultural Center

After parking at the La Rabida Chldren’s Hospital it was off to see if we could find Harper Court after not having visited it for many years. We went looking for the newest Native Foods Cafe restaurant in the chain. Evidently it will not open until Spring, so we opted for a quick stop at the local Starbucks before heading over to Clark Street downtown for some late luncheon dining.

Hyde Park is looking pretty good after so many years of wear and tear. The campus is still as I remember it and the addition of the bike lanes is both good and a bit odd. I guess that the Protected Bike Lane variations are OK just not as convenient for my use as the Buffered Bike Lanes that exist in the same area.

One thing that worries me about the current emphasis on PBLs is that from time-to-time here in Chicago streets get “worked on” leaving the bike lane either completely disrupted or at best a Shared Lane. In fact that is exactly the case with Milwaukee Avenue. We drove it up to the Wicker Park area following luncheon at the Clark Street Native Foods Cafe location. Any bicyclist who is uncomfortable with anything short of a PBL is sure to be dissatisfied right now. So what do these sorts of riders do?

We are evidently unwilling to teach them anything about Vehicular Cycling so taking the lane and other strategies that might help them navigate Milwaukee are not well understood. Do they just ride on Elston instead?

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We Still Need A Coherent Repository of Information in Chicago

The gang over at the Urban Cyclists “Whine and Jeez” Club Forum are mellowing a bit following the kerfuffle surrounding Liz’s bike theft. But Liz offers up this:

Reply by Liz W. Durham 23 hours ago
Thank you Kevin C. for explaining why that was changed.

Again, my post was really about people making judging hateful comments and that some were based on inaccurate info. It does not help to be judgmental and insulting of others. And if people want crime victims to be honest in reporting then they really ought to work extra hard on not blaming.

But since folks want this to be about locking….

I absolutely agree that 2 locking methods are more secure. This is something I most often do. I even have different locks for my different bikes… for what seems most appropriate to the specific bike. It was quite unusual at how my bike was locked that night. It was also interesting to note the other bikes in the yard… not locked to anything were not stolen.

And these other bikes were certainly more visible to the casual eye if someone was in the yard. But other than knowing that the visible unlocked bikes were left alone, none of that other info was relevant to my letting others know about the theft. And NO, those unlocked bikes were not mine.

As to talking to folks and educating them about best ways to lock a bike…I do this nearly every day as part of my job.
So back to the original point… let’s not assumed judge someone as “stupid” “idiot” “deserving” “had it coming” etc etc. There is no need to trash a person in these types of situations. Sometimes the BEST thing to do cannot or does not happen. Extenuating circumstances do occasionally interfere.

Glad to know that you talk with others. But this thread should serve as a teachable moment for the group. You have by your own admission locked up your bikes without incident for about 18 years. Yet you managed to do so this once and it was stolen. That says to me that others like yourself need a place to learn more about bike locking. So I ask again, where is the URL for that repository of information on the forum? You have all these folks with more than enough energy to condemn your lack of vigilance and yet I see nothing approaching a repository.

In fact Kevin C is citing statistics that should (or probably are) be available in a repository for just such an occasion. I think that if the group lets this moment pass without stepping up to create something useful for everyone then why did anyone bother blathering in the first instance?

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