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kabuki |kəˈbo͞okē|nouna form of traditional Japanese drama with highly stylized song, mime, and dance, now performed only by male actors, using exaggerated gestures and body movements to express emotions, and including historical plays, domestic dramas, and dance pieces.ORIGIN Japanese, originally as a verb meaning ‘act dissolutely,’ later interpreted as if from ka ‘song’ + bu‘dance’ + ki ‘art.’

It is nice to see that at least one of you on the ChainLink is getting a good workout. How do you keep it all straight? Let’s listen in for a moment:

Alternative Chicago Web Sites…..
Posted by El Dorado on October 14, 2013 at 8:36pm

I am actually sad to write this post. But many of you posters are just plain nasty and self-rightious. Many of you I would like to meet in a dark alley but, of course, I cannot. It’s a “mob mentality” here and I am floored. My rant goes against you people who work in bike shops. I hate you and will buy from amazon, bikenash and bikedirect every chance I get. You perform a menial job and expect big returns. Beezdog and others have it right. I support the bike community and am quite upset at the snobbery that exists. Rest assured, karma is real and you know who you are. I would hate to meet you on a community bike ride.

Here we have out first voicing.

Reply by Tom Dworzanski 11 hours ago
Confused, I searched and found this:…

Actually, there is a lot on this site:

Now comes the next one. He has at times past been in a scrap with ‘h and they have had at least a one sided-hissy fit over this or that…

Reply by h’ $550 10 hours ago
El Dorado, I’m sorry you didn’t find what you needed here.
Here’s wishing you safe travels and greener pastures in your future internet pursuits.

This voicing does most of the chattering on the forum…

Reply by notoriousDUG 10 hours ago
I think it is interesting that Beezodog claims he hates to post under a pseudonym when that was exactly what he used to do here…

Now another one has been resurrected after a few days’ hiatus

Reply by Bill Nedza 1 hour ago
“many of you posters are just plain nasty and self-rightious” (first of all, nice spelling). Yet you go on to be….just plain nasty and self-righteous. “I hate you…”? If you believe karma is real I’d suggest you re-read your post an ask what kind of treatment you’re asking for for yourself. My advice is that you might want to avoid this site and save yourself aggravation, and es, don’t go to bike shops, save yourself aggravation, and perhaps avoid community bike rides, and save yourself aggravation.

Now someone must have had a full skin on when this bit was written. I had a Dickens of a time trying to follow it. He complains of misspellings and then proceeds to add his own. My suggestion is to write this stuff when you have had a good nights’ sleep (and are sober).

Reply by Michelle Loomis 46 minutes ago
“I would hate to meet you on a community bike ride”

You must not go on many community bike rides. If you did you would have met most of the people you complain about.

Poor El Dorado has really stirred up a hornet’s nest.

Reply by in it to win it 8.0 mi 35 minutes ago
Please don’t feed the troll.

I’m with you in this sentiment.

Reply by notoriousDUG 58 minutes ago
Ok so I am going to hijack the trolls thread for my own use because it mentions a certain somebody I have been trying to deal with but likes to hide behind the internet; our old buddy Beezodog…
So as some of you may, or may not, know Beezopdog is an apparently mentally unhinged recumbent rider from Wheaton named Eric Vann who wasn’t really able to get along with anyone here and ended up getting booted from the site. After that he started posting excerpts from The Chainlink to his website and responding, mocking or otherwise being a douche in a venue where nobody could respond.
For some reason he is fixated on me (as in he posts pictures of me he found on the web and does not have permission to use and secretly takes pictures of me at events) and several others on this site, in fact if you post here often you should check his site and see if he has portrayed you in a negative manner by quoting you out of context and using your picture.
I have tried to contact Eric via his websites contact form, e-mail and even the phone in order to talk to him about removing some of the slanderous comments, pictures of me and out of context quotes from his website, but he either provides an obtuse response or will not respond at all; which I think is kindof interesting because he has referred to me as an internet bully who is not willing to confront people in the real world.
What I would like to do right here, and right now, is call Beezodog out in front of the ‘Chicago cycling community’ for not only his failure to deal with my issues with his website like a grown ass adult but also for all of his little bullshit antics. I want everyone around here to see that Eric is to much of a internet bully to actually talk tome in real life or respond to this in any public manner.
I cannot post on his site, he has removed the contact link, he tried banning my IP, many of his links now go to Tom Dworzanski’s profile for me, he ‘protects’ posts where he speaks ill of us here so we cannot even see what he says about us, he refuses to speak to me about any of my issues. He wants a list of the things I want removed but has banned me from looking at his website to know what is there or if he has complied.
This is my final attempt to ge thim to deal with me in an adult manner before I take the next steps in the process of forcing him to remove my image and the slanderous statements from his website.
There we go, now it’s out there, lets see if he does anything…


There are only so many times a fake voicing style can be used. You can’t claim to be Doug Iverson and then stomp off unhappy over your treatment on the ChainLink forum. Eventually someone will notice. And just a hint but when you try and argue with one of your voicings in too harsh a tone that too is a giveaway.

What is nice though are all the hits you keep sending my way every time to deign to mention me on your site. Cheers to that bit of irony.

Suggestions To Make ChainLink A Better Forum



After having asked for and gotten $15+K from urban cycling unwashed it is past time to deliver on your updates. What I see now are a collection of links to other collections of links but nothing that seems to be the beginnings of a library of PDFs that newbies could download on just about any topic under the sun having to do with either Urban Cycling or just Cycling in general.

You are spending far too much time writing hate mail to me or creating interesting but sullen voicings which are either a feeble attempt to say what I might say (were I actually on your forum) or arguing with yourself via your voicings about this or that topic that you wish to steer in a given direction. Try focusing all that creative energy into something lasting.

Frankly the ChainLink Forum as bathroom wall in San Francisco is getting a bit lame. Seriously, when you have been able to earn the respect of your peers as a forward looking site then please step up and produce something. You have folks who are videographers and there just have to be all sorts of things they could do to provide clips of techniques and such that help newbies in on-street conditions.

For instance how to best cross a bridge when it is missing those nice but expensive plates designed to prevent slipping. Or how about ways to lock your bike. You folks have spent countless hours lampooning the general lack of locking knowledge of your peers but has anybody given any thought to a ChainLink Forum version of the NYC dreadlocked mechanic? I would pay to see that one.

You guys could even get a series of podcasts cooked up for late night listening to explanations of the BRT proposals under advisement. Or how about someone to explain all the intricacies of contacting Active Transportation Alliance when you have a karmic re-testing of the laws of physics.

I see so very much promise.

Pseudonym ‘R’ Not Us

Before being kicked off of the ChainLink Forum I was either Beezodog or “0“. Some of your membership that the latter was an alphabetic character it was not. At that time you were not allowed to simply remove your name and instead had to have something, so I chose a “0“. But those are the only two labels I ever had. For some reason James BlackHeron seems to think I still haunt the place but that would be wrong.

At any rate it was good to see you working so very hard to sound like a group of folks. One thing though is that powder you use on stage itchy or not? And how on Earth do you manage to stay upright while mincing around in white socks (or stockings) while wearing those clogs or whatever they are called. Looks very uncomfortable to me.

Keep El Dorado

You were doing that voicing with a bit more panache than the others. And it was a nice touch to hear the Tom Dworzanski voicing speak out against the naked racism you used in your voicing of the situation with the roller bladders. It gives the forum a bit of a human touch when you get those things right. But again, please stop with the arguments with yourself. Those are a dead “give away”.

I look forward to more entertainment in the very near future.