Does “race” have anything to do with a dislike of “salmoning”?

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Jeff Schneider said:
does it mean that the fact that he was a person of color is totally irrelevant to the story?

Part of the problem with any issue like racism or sexism is the fact that when such things are presented as part of your personal or collective profile, many folks have a problem acknowledging it as such. Take for instance some of the exchanges on the Missed Connection thread:

Chicago ChainLink Forum  "Civility In Action"

Chicago ChainLink Forum
“Civility In Action”

Reply by Serge Lubomudrov 21 hours ago
Indeed it is irrelevant. Should, has to and must be so.

I don’t want to plunge into a big discussion here, but many Americans, for reasons you probably know better than me, are obsessed with race. (That include even relatively recent Americans. Could it be something in the air?) I was born and raised in the USSR, a country with official ideology of internationalism. Of course, that ideology not always worked, and now the pendulum in former Soviet republics is often at the opposite extreme (many of my fellow ex-Soviets here can give a KKK member a head start). But, in my personal case, it was also on my family level. I was seriously raised that way. I really do hold an opinion that all people are born (not created—I’m an atheist) equal.

So . . . I really don’t care about ethnicity, nationality, race, sexual orientation or whatever. If some moron endangers wellbeing of even life of others (whether also putting oneself at risk or not—I really don’t give a damn), I would equally despise that idiot, regardless of the color of his skin, etc. (see above). I’m an equal opportunity hater of idiots.
And, just to clarify:

You might have noticed that I didn’t mention the race of that salmon in my original post, precisely because it is irrelevant. But he was what is called here “white,” probably mid- or late fifties of age. Can’t be sure about him being a recent immigrant, but I don’t think so.

Dixi (it’s Latin, don’t confuse it with Dixie 😉

Deflecting Criticism By “Blaming The Victim”

Serge, I would say that you have a problem with this particular woman. Does it go deeper than just her, I do not know. But even you might have to admit that this was an over reaction to a singular situation, right? What often happens of course is that the person who has displayed an inappropriate level of response to a situation decides to deflect criticism by accusing the others of being “obsessed” with racism or sexism or whatever.

It is this unwillingness to shoulder “personal responsibility” that makes it difficult to discuss the problem in the first instance. But what resulted from your outburst was a nearly immediate retraction of your words from the ChainLink Forum, which seems to suggest that you realized how vulgar your response was.

That Old Joke About “Some of my best friends are Negroes”

Serge your story about the color blindness of the Soviet Union is about as touching as the protestations of Southern Politicians following the Civil Rights Era. Everyone had a black friend whom they could trot out at a moments notice to support their contentions about their lack of personal bigotry. I have heard all of that and more over my lifetime and it still rings hollow.

It is hard to imagine you would reach back towards Mother Russia given its current troubles with showing respect for Gay Rights. It has never been my experience that bigotry towards gays and colorblindness travel in tandem. If I were asked to characterize the teaching of one Roger Cohen I would have to call his moralizing over traffic controls and the notion that disobeying them was a moral act in sharp contradiction of his notions about “salmoning“. He strikes me as xenophobic at the very least. But it will take a long hard look at your background to understand whether you have managed to come away unscathed.